It’s 4 in the afternoon. You’ve got half an hour to grab something to munch on before plunging back to work. And across your building (thank you, Jesus!) is a Jollibee, with a McDonald’s right beside it.

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Burger McDo

Because (1) you’re really craving for a burger (those stale biscuits stashed at your desk just won’t do), (2) you have only PHP 30 in your wallet (and the nearest ATM is two blocks away), and (3) you’re pressed for time, you’ll have to choose between the Big-Ass Bumblebee or the Creepy Smiling Clown with a Red Afro. Exactly whose hamburger is worth your remaining cash and time?

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Jollibee YumBurger

To help you with your afternoon snack dilemma, we’re pitting the two budget burgers against each other, and assessing them using five categories: General Physical Properties, Affordability, The Bun, The Spread, and The Patty. Let the Battle of the Burgers begin.

The Basics

There seems to be a clear winner as soon as we unwrap both burgers and put them beside each other. Compared to McDonald’s Burger McDo, Jollibee’s Yumburger looks a lot bigger and heavier.


Ala carte, the Yumburger costs PHP 28, while the Burger McDo costs PHP 29.

Now to the Rich Kids of Instagram, the one-peso difference isn’t much. But think about it. If you treated your office to 30 Yumburgers instead of 30 Burger McDo pieces, you can get one more Yumburger (given the same budget).

With a margin the size of a one-peso coin, Jollibee wins this round.

The Bun

Despite the Burger McDo’s flat appearance, its bun is a vibrant brown, which makes it look like it was toasted more (never mind the extra greasiness). It also has a doughier texture, and doesn’t crumble easily.

On the other hand, the Yumburger’s bun is airy rather than dense, and tastes a lot like the ordinary burger bun available in the grocery.

This time, the Burger McDo wins: the current score being Yumburger: 2, Burger McDo: 1.

The Spread

Who doesn’t love Burger McDo’s orange-colored mystery spread? (If anyone has food-hacked this secret sauce, please be kind to humanity. Don’t let that recipe die with you! Email it to us NOW.)

However, McDonald’s isn’t very generous with their much-coveted burger spread. They don’t put enough in each bun, and it’s not uncommon to end up with a sad, dry burger halfway through.

This is where the Yumburger has the clear edge. The taste of its spread isn’t as intriguing (some even think it’s just mayonnaise and ketchup), but the generous slathering of this creamy, tart sauce over the beef patty is a huge plus.

Also, unlike with the Burger McDo, you can customize your Yumburger.  Just add PHP 16.50 if you want cheese on your burger. Throw in an extra PHP 11, and you’ll also get a dollop of extra mayo.

Clearly, Jollibee knows how to feed hungry stomachs on a budget. But since we’re still very much in love with the Burger McDo’s secret hamburger goo, this round is a draw.

The Patty

You’re probably thinking, “Oh, here’s one thing the Burger McDo is surely better at.” But I’m sorry to tell you that you are quite mistaken (and very presumptuous).

The Yumburger’s patty looks and tastes more like real beef. It’s thicker, and has a darker, more appetizing color. Burger McDo’s patty seems synthetic (it’s too soft, and disintegrates quite easily in your mouth), while the Yumburger’s patty is juicy, solid, and requires a bit of mouth exercise to break it up.

The Verdict

After a highly exhausting taste test, and with one burger acing three of the five categories, we hereby declare Jollibee’s Yumburger as the winner! So if you’re looking for a filled stomach, a satisfied burger craving, and more value for your money, we suggest you pick the Fat Bee over the Creepy Clown.

Shaina Marjorie Laca

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