We’ve all come to a point where we can’t decide where and what to eat. Fries is somewhat everybody’s favorite side dish and there’s no other better way we can enjoy our burger meal than an order of fries as a complement. But have you ever wondered what does each fast food fries taste like? Say no more! We’ve tried and ranked some of the famous fast food fries here in the Philippines and test-tasted it for you! There is no perfect fries and it all depends on the person’s taste. What you’re about to read is an honest review and opinion of the fries of some famous fast food branches here in the Philippines.


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Mcdonalds’ fries give a hype to children, teenagers, young adults, and even adults. The saltiness is so-so and I specifically like how it tastes good even without any dip or complementary meal. This is also served not so crispy and thin and after quite a time, it doesn’t adapt its packaging’s taste (usually in carton). The price justifies its taste and served in regular, medium, large, and bff size—this size is good for two people sharing. They also have shake shake fries wherein you can choose with cheese, barbecue, and honey butter (limited time only) flavor.

Crisp: 4/5

Salt taste: 5/5


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Jollibee is known for their “cheesiest and meatiest” spaghetti. But their fries is also stepping up its game. Their “jolly crispy fries” is indeed served crispy, thin, and the salt taste is just right and tastes good when eaten alone. However, it sometimes lacks salt. The taste is also not consistent since after a while, it has its carton’s taste. They also have flavored fries such as their super cheesy fries, and they serve limited time flavors, but right now they have wasabi fries. Their classic fries is served in regular, medium, large, and jumbo size.

Crisp: 5/5

Salt taste: 3/5


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Famous worldwide with their “taste fit for a king” burger, their thick-cut fries is also making a noise. Its fries taste good even without a dip or complementary burger. This is twice as salty as Mcdonalds’ fries, and this is not served crispy. Burger king fries is served in regular and large size.

Crisp: 3/5

Salt taste: 5/5

#4 KFC

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KFC’s thick-cut fries has an orange-y and brownish color. You can’t really taste the salt in this one. A lot doesn’t like their fries because it doesn’t really taste much and not that salty. Served in regular, small bucket, and large bucket, this fries is perfect for people who don’t like crispy fries and like not so salty fries.

Crisp: 1/5

Salt taste: 2/5


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Available in regular, large, and biggie size, Wendys’ fries is thick and about 2-3 inches long. This is not that oily and salty. And if you’re into not-so-crispy fries, this fries is perfect for you. The fries alone doesn’t taste much but it tastes better with their vanilla frosty. When you order a burger meal with a fries from this fast food for dine in, it is usually served in a plastic plate with sheet.

Crisp: 2/5

Salt taste: 3/5

Julienne Mae Potonia

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