Korean restaurants have spread all over the city due to Filipinos liking their sense of taste. Not only their streetfoods and noodles are becoming popular, but also their desserts. Today we’re going to compare Korean and Filipino cold and sweet dessert!

Personally, I love love love desserts! We all know that desserts are bad for our health and can cause cavities. I’m not saying this is just a misconception, its true but what we don’t know is that it has benefits too. Of course they keep this a secret because too much of something is always bad. It’s hard to resist something that’s just so good and knowing that it can also do your body good. Like, desserts are packed with nutrients. It depends on a specific dessert but most of these incorporates fruits which is good for our diet. It can also positively influence your moods and makes you happier.

I guess everyone knows the famous Filipino dessert which is the halo-halo. It is a concoction of crushed ice, evaporated milk and various ingredients including, among others, sweetened beans, coconut julienes, sago, gulaman, pinipig rice, boiled root crops in cubes, fruit slices, flan, and topped with a scoop of ice cream. Of course, the ingredients can be customized depending on one’s preference but I suggest you try everything for a more sensational taste.

Image result for halo-halo
Filipino Halo-halo

The other is the people’s favorite Korean dessert, Bingsu. It is a popular shaved ice dessert with toppings that include chopped fruit, condensed milk and fruit syrup. Originally, it began as ice shaving with red bean paste called Patbingsu. But they explored other varieties of ingredients other than red beans.

Image result for bingsu
Korean Bingsu

In terms of ice, In halo-halo, it is just crushed. It is quite rough and sometimes there are still parts that wasn’t crushed thoroughly by the machine. It doesn’t easily melts and can be taken out. While in bingsu they uses shaved ice. It is soft and it easily melt. Actually, once you take a bite out of it, it instantly transforms into liquid which in my opinion is good and easier to eat.

In terms of milk, in halo-halo, it uses evaporated milk, if one likes their dessert sweeter, they can just add sugar on it. While bingsu uses condensed milk, doesn’t need sugar and is sweet as it is. For halo-halo, the sweetness is not based on the milk but the ingredients itself while for bingsu, the sweetness depends on the syrup and the amount of condensed milk one puts in it.

As for the toppings and ingredients, in halo-halo, it is topped with different varieties not limited to fruits. There are no flavors, everything is put in it regardless of their different flavors. Even though they all differ, once it reaches your taste buds the taste harmonize with each other which gives off an inexplicable yet delicious taste. It can also be customized, if you don’t like a specific ingredient, you have it removed. While for bingsu, the ingredients are based on the flavor. For example, mango cheese bingsu is only limited to ingredients such as mango, mango syrup and cheese. Honestly it tasted like ice cream but in a different texture and presentation. Halo-halo and bingsu and both topped with ice cream but for bingsu, whipped cream can be an alternative.

Ericka Joy Rabina

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