There’s always room for desserts! No matter how full we are, we will always have a spot for ice cream inside our bellies. But deciding where to eat ice cream is hard, especially when you’re on a low budget and just want to spend less than 100 for a sweet treat. Fast food chains aren’t for burger and fries and rice meals only, they also have variety of dessert options too—but for now, we’ll be focusing on ice cream.


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Wendy’s frosty is so underrated. They serve vanilla and chocolate-flavored ice cream. Their ice cream has this rich milky and creamy taste. It’s a soft-serve ice cream but not so soft and liquid-y like a milkshake. However, it is also not hard like those dirty ice cream we buy whenever we see an ice cream cart being pushed by the sidewalk. This is really a must-try ice cream. And don’t worry, this is very budget-friendly since the price of their regular frosty is just 29 pesos.


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We’ve heard a lot of fuss about the crowd’s favorite—Oreo McFlurry! But we sometimes come to a point where in we just want a plain sweet treat. Their soft-serve ice cream has variety of flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, etc. But if you’re up to some dip for your ice cream they have variety of flavors too, you can dip your chocolate ice cream in strawberry if your taste buds feel like it. For a price ranging from 10-20 pesos, you can enjoy your sundae cone and satisfy your sweet tooth.


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Okay this one only serves ice cream and cake but it deserves to be part of this list. With their hefty flavors, ranging from mixture of different fruits and nuts, they also serve a regular and plain vanilla ice cream. Their ice cream’s consistency is not as hard as dirty ice cream’s but it also doesn’t melt that quickly. DQ’s vanilla soft-serve ice cream has this really milky and creamy taste. Price starts at 39 pesos.


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The popular fast food chain claiming the best burgers is also stepping up its ice cream game. Their ice cream’s consistency is almost that of milkshakes since it melts really easily. It also has the creamy vanilla taste. Price ranges from 30-50. Burger King also serves sundae if you’re not in the mood for plain ice cream.


Angela Clare Agpawa

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