Just recently, me and my friends went to A-venue mall in Makati Ave. to have some fun and to fill our tummies with different food. Much to our delight, there were alot of food to choose from and they’re all very affordable, budget friendly!

We tried different Filipino and Korean streetfoods. For the Filipino side, we had isaw ng baboy and manok, betamax, barbeque, crabs, shrimp, and many more. For the Korean dishes, we had tteobokki, oden, japchae and bibimbap.

Out of all those choices, my favorite was the Grilled Chicken Intestine or Isaw ng manok. Why? It brings back so many memories, childhood memories. These are being sold on the side of the street. It brought me back there, to the streets where I grew up playing, it made me feel a bit nostalgic. I remember playing with my friends during night, the sound of the vehicles, the calmness of the night and the feeling of freedom. It’s not just about the unique taste that i like but also, the feeling that it brings.

When it comes to taste, yes, it’s a bit bitter because of some reasons. First, it is basically the intestine of a chicken, and the intestine is where some things go. But these food are being cleansed thoroughly before being processed. Lastly, it is grilled.

Also, the price of this certain food is very affordable. Usually, these are being dols for only P5.00 in the streets and those are a bit small. Since we’re in a mall at Makati Avenue, it is being sold at P20.00 which is reasonable enough, considering the place and the size of one serving.

Overall, all of the food that we ate were great and it just made all of us and our hungry tummies very satisfied.


Radly Loyse Lopez

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